Elena 18, Philly. I want to travel the world. I want to be rich and famous to in love with DRAKE, idont know that much about myself to tell so.. im leaving it at this . follow me I follow back.

no one is ever on my side. I legit have no one, for some reason I’m always wrong.

My mom continously makes her friend talk bad about me. Her friend doesn’t like me for a reason I don’t know. but she brings me up constantly. 

Im not getting kicked out for telling my mom that she picked her friend over me.



cutie creepy things for you

I have a great need.

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Anonymous asked: You will forever be a bird who works as host in a little grimey restaurant. If you srsly think your portrayal in the show was positive bitch pleaseee!!! u only gave and cont to give side chicks & thrist buckets life. Go drop some acid and STFU that is what u r good for. Tell u dusty ass mother i send my regards.



I thought I would forever b a side chick? .. You have seriously got to make up your mind bcus now I’m confused about what I’m gnna do for the rest of my life. Oh no, pls help me. Girl bye.

I absolutely know my portrayal on my show was positive. I was given the outstanding citizenship award from my city, I was featured in the NYtimes, Latina magazine, Teen Vogue + about a dozen other news + media outlets .. Sooooo, what was that about me not being a positive portrayal? I didn’t take my clothes off, I didn’t slap the dogshit out of anyone, I was true to myself + I’m not positive? Lol, lemme guess - you watch Love + Hip Hop? You’re delusional. You know how many people I’ve inspired to write poetry again or at all? You know how many people I’ve put on to countless concepts they would’ve never been exposed to? You wish I was irrelevant + THATS why you’re upset — bcus I grow more important + all you can do is try to insult me anonymously. And look like just another hater in the process.

Let’s set this record straight though. I was never anybodies side chick. Y’all know damn well I wasn’t. My ex boyfriend who I’m sure you’re referring to - dated a girl prior to our escapades. He was unhappy + he was lost + I offered something better .. So those amongst other things I’m sure are why he left his girlfriend. While they were together he tried to cheat on her w me + I said ‘pls respect that girl + make her happy’ — I could’ve easily gone the other route but I decided that nobody, not even that girl should b disrespected like that. So kill that noise you miserable cows. Y’all wnna make me out to b the villain so bad. Grow up + get over it. I have, why can’t you?

And I was actually trying to drop some acid this weekend so I could then drop some knowledge — I’m glad you guys keep up w my life, who else would b able to make you THIS angry? Who else would bring you this much excitement?

And your comment about my mom doesn’t work bcus you’re anonymous. I ain’t even offended, my mother is 8591085810 levels of fabulous. I wish she could’ve raised you - you would’ve turned out useful.

Happy Friday y’all 💞 don’t mix clear + dark liquor + don’t b a hater! Tip your servers + remain unbothered.

Frankie you’re the fucking best. Props to you babygirl 👏👏👏

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