Elena 18, Philly. I want to travel the world. I want to be rich and famous to in love with DRAKE, idont know that much about myself to tell so.. im leaving it at this . follow me I follow back.
yellowgabmarine asked: Girl you are so not just a rebound. If you're feeling used then you gotta find someone who won't use you. Someone does need and want you and only you in first place. You are not universally labeled as any one thing. Just because someone doesn't appreciate you enough doesn't mean no one else ever will. I know you'll find the dude who hangs on your every word and needs you to breathe one day. We're only teenagers babe, you got time. Someone's looking for you. Trust me. love you princess xx


I know Gab I didn’t mean that to sound so dramatic its just that its always the same story different guy. All I ask for is fucking honesty & its like the end of the world for them when you say that word

Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that I’ll never be anyones “be all end all” I’ll never be someones first. I’ll never be the one they come running back to. My title is permanent rebound, I will always be used.
But is that because I allow it? Or is it because that’s all I’m worth?
When I allow it though I usually believe it’s love or consideration or something. I guess I’m blind to the fact that no one will ever need me.
They will always lie to me,
No matter how cool I am
Or how chill I am
Or even if I say just let me know what it is
All I want is the truth.
All I want is some truth.


"And the peaches and the mangos you can sell for me"

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there are people who can have sex with no strings attached

and there’s nothing wrong with that

but if you know you’re not that person

then don’t act like you are

Forever reblog

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Polite ass hood niggas make me 💦

yall pick a random adjective to lust over every 2 days

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